Daily Painting

3 Day Workshop – Canmore, AB
April 20th-22nd, 2013
Cost: $395

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Doing a small painting (6×6”/6×8”) from life each day is a powerful way to rapidly sharpen your skills in all areas of painting from drawing to design to paint handling. There are nuances and challenges in painting from life that cannot be addressed when painting from photographs. The idea of small daily paintings is to exercise these particular skills each day, propelling you forward in your artistic development.

During the course we will be setting up simple still life arrangements and addressing all the elements of painting them including:

  • efficient lay out of palette and workspace
  • composition and design considerations
  • tips for accurate drawing
  • effective colour mixing of both neutral and saturated colour (with key ideas about how to achieve exactly the colour you are looking for)
  • the importance of being able to see relatively in terms of both colour and value, and how to use this as an invaluable tool to create paintings that breathe with authenticity
  • effective paint handling and brushwork (applying focused, deliberate marks on the canvas rather than a random “figure it out as I go” approach).

In painting, it is natural to want our time spent to end in a finished piece we can hang on the wall. This objective is compounded when one gets paid for those pieces, and process can start to become a means to an end. I believe it is extremely valuable to spend time doing drills with no immediate end result expected. Rather than finished paintings, one comes away reconnected with why we paint, and a heightened ability to engage fully in the exploration between subject, painter and paint.

This course is geared to painters with prior painting experience who are wishing to challenge themselves and push out of their comfort zones.

*Note: My studio is on the 3rd floor with no elevator, and I have a golden retriever that will be at the studio during the workshop. Please take these factors into consideration when determining if this workshop is a good fit for you. Thanks!

To register please contact Liz at:

Phone: (403)762-9339
Cell/Studio: (403)763-9035
email: liz@mountainartist.com

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